Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes. Floods. Tornadoes. Terrorism. Industrial accidents. High-tech meltdowns.

Disasters happen, all you can do about that is prepare. To prevent data loss and infrastructure collapse, you need a disaster recovery plan, and you need it before the worst happens.

Don’t lose anything mission-critical. Rely on our disaster recovery services and stay up and running the next time disaster strikes.

Work with us to build the perfect disaster recovery solution for your business. Host your backup operations in our robust, state-of-the-art facility. Connect to a world-class, 9 Gbps network, two power grids, and 3 backup generators.

Call our first rate engineers any time of day: we’re always on site and ready for emergencies big and small.

Why choose ColocationGuard for your disaster recovery needs?

  • Reliable, direct network connections built with Tier 1 backbone providers.
  • Redundant power: 2 utility grids, 3 backup generators, and 2 fully redundant Liebert UPS AC backup systems.
  • State-of-the-art security: biometric scanners, keycards and CCTV coverage.
  • An unparalleled commitment to the best customer service and support at affordable prices.
  • The flexibility and space to scale your business, whether it means more racks, more gear, or more connectivity.
  • A readily-accessible location in Brooklyn: ample free parking, and within walking distance of subways.

We offer 3 types of disaster recovery plans to accommodate a variety of budgets:

  • Cold sites: The most inexpensive option, cold sites store your data but take time to boot up in the aftermath of a disaster. Great for data and infrastructure that can afford to be down for a short time.
  • Hot sites: While more expensive, a hot site functions as a full duplicate data center, keeping your mission-critical infrastructure up and running even during a full-scale disaster. Real-time synchronization ensures that you won’t miss a beat.
  • Warm sites: A mix of the other two options, this middle-priced approach keeps your infrastructure up and running, but keeps your data in backups that will need to be restored. Perfect for situations where access to your infrastructure and connectivity are mission-critical, but access to data can be put on hold temporarily in an emergency.

For more information on ColocationGuard’s DR colocation solutions, please contact Sales at 1.800.645.0321 or email us.


Your Security Is Our Priority

Your Security Is Our Priority Sub Heading

Our multi-stage security system includes; biometric scanners with pass card access, mantraps, cctv cameras, and stringent access protocols.

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Does every second of downtime matter to you? We’ll keep your business running smoothly with 5 Tier-1 Networks, diesel generators, redundant power grids, UPS’s, and more.

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