Newsletter – Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Season’s Greetings from GalaxyVisions & ColocationGuard

With the New Year fast approaching, we at GalaxyVisions and ColocationGuard hope you are enjoying time with your friends, family and co-workers. It’s both a time to celebrate and a time to reflect on the past 12 months – and look ahead to 2012.

For GalaxyVisions, 2011 was a momentous year. In the spring, we announced the formation of a new company – ColocationGuard – to focus exclusively on colocation services at our Brooklyn data center. This has allowed GalaxyVisions to dedicate its resources to hosting, virtual private servers and shared hosting, while the very different needs of our colocation clients are handled through ColocationGuard.

The business realignment coincided with some very important technological changes at the data center. We completed electrical upgrades and added a second generator to make the services offered by GalaxyVisions and ColocationGuard even more reliable in the years ahead. We also added new bandwidth options to our already long list of Tier 1 carriers, and we forged partnerships that expand opportunities for Voice over Internet Protocol providers, forex traders and other clients. And we announced exciting new programs such as roof rights so that clients can use the airwaves to communicate with satellites and equipment located on rooftops in the metropolitan region.

Finally, both GalaxyVisions and ColocationGuard enhanced our commitment to communicating with you, our customers, and the rest of the colocation community. We not only re-launched this quarterly newsletter but also started a blog at that’s proved popular with existing clients and visitors who are looking to switch to a service that’s both reliable and affordable.

GalaxyVisions and ColocationGuard laid a strong foundation in 2011 for 2012, but don’t expect us to stand still in the coming year. You can expect even more exciting partnerships, promotions and news in 2012. Once again, we would like to thank you, our clients, for your continued support this year, and we wish you happy – and prosperous – New Year!

Ray Sidler
Chief Executive Officer

GalaxyVisions/ColocationGuard Announcements

A summary of recent announcements from GalaxyVisions and ColocationGuard

Santa won’t be alone on the ColocationGuard Data Center Roof

Christmas Eve isn’t the only day we hear pitter-patter of feet on the roof of our state-of-the-art data center. Thanks to the fact that we have roof rights, our clients can install dishes and other antennas to communicate via satellite and other rooftop installations around the New York metropolitan region. ColocationGuard’s 12-story building, in fact, has unobstructed views of Manhattan, New Jersey, Long Island, Staten Island and Queens. It’s one of the few data centers in the region to offer hassle-free access for customers who need to mount antennas.

These include potential clients who need to stream video or need fiber-like access to buildings where there is no fiber infrastructure. Roof access also opens a host of options for disaster recovery plans.

Clients have access to about 40,000 square feet of rooftop, which can support everything from single satellite dishes to multi-directional antenna arrays. Our building isn’t stuck in a canyon of skyscrapers, so there’s an unobstructed view not only to Manhattan’s spectacular skyline but also buildings throughout the region.

Find out more about ColocationGuard’s rooftop access, also check out our news release.

GalaxyVisions Launches Optimized VPS for Forex Trading

Foreign exchange traders require highly available computers that can execute trades quickly any time day or night. The difference between big profit and major losses is often measured in milliseconds.

That’s why GalaxyVisions has launched Forex Virtual Private Server plans designed specifically for the needs of forex traders. Housed and maintained within our data center, these virtual private servers are always available to execute trades manually or automatically through platforms like Expert Advisor or MetaTrader. Trades are then sent via GalaxyVisions’ low-latency network to financial centers around the world. The Brooklyn data center, in fact, is less than 5 miles from Wall Street. GalaxyVisions also has partnered with Forex banks for trades to further minimize latency (1-2ms).

Traders access their Virtual Private Servers via remote desktop or terminal services from the comfort of their homes or offices. Unlike local PCs, these machines are always ready when needed.  Rates start at $34.99 a month.

We also unveiled GalaxyVisions Forex Affiliates program, which enables trading firms to offer their clients GalaxyVisions reliability and fast network connections at a discount. Partners also receive a monthly commission on all Forex VPS accounts that are activated.

Read entire announcement here.

Ad-Tech 2011

We had the privilege of meeting several existing and new clients at this year’s Ad-Tech New York conference at the Javits Center. The show is the largest digital marketing show in the world, and it didn’t disappoint. We look forward to next year’s show!

ColocationGuard: Why Brooklyn?

The city of New York recently opened a brand new Brooklyn data center to consolidate its IT operations for 40 city agencies. As the operators of another Brooklyn data center, we at GalaxyVisions/ColocationGuard say “Welcome!”

Brooklyn has many benefits over other areas of New York City and neighboring states, such as New Jersey. Chief among them is accessibility, either by subway or car. If you choose drive to our data center, you’ll find ample free parking on site. If you want to visit us by public transportation, you’ll find that buses and subways stop within walking distance. Don’t try this in the suburbs!

What’s more, Brooklyn offers proximity to Manhattan. In fact, the ColocationGuard and GalaxyVisions data center offers connectivity to nine Tier 1 network providers and minimal latency to nearly every point on the planet.

Brooklyn also offers room to grow. At GalaxyVisions and ColocationGuard, we own our data center and can offer customers options when their business grows. That’s not something you’ll find in Manhattan, where cramped data centers often have to tell their customers to relocate if they need more racks for their servers.

Check out our news release or blog post on our booming business. See why Brooklyn offers all the benefits of Manhattan – with none of the headaches.

Data Center Video Tours

The GalaxyVisions and ColocationGuard data center is off limits to everyone except our customers and our employees. But we’re letting visitors in virtually with a series of videos that highlight the world-class facility.

The online videos can be viewed in a single sitting or watched one at a time as they’re conveniently split up by topics ranging from networking and security to power and our custom monitoring.

To watch the videos from the comfort of your computer, visit GalaxyVisions’ Video Library.


  • Web Hosting Search, a leading independent hosting information guide, recently awarded GalaxyVisions its “Top Pick Web Host 2011.” Said the team: “GalaxyVisions has proven that a decade and counting in the hosting business has honed their services to be the Best. From Hosting to Web Design, GalaxyVisions assures quality service and friendly support.”
  • Web Hosting Search also recognized ColocationGuard as a Top Pick for 2011: “We here at WHS applaud and recognize the unmatched colocation and managed colocation services of ColocationGuard as one of the Best.”
  • Galaxy Visions has been selected for the 2011 Best of Englewood Cliffs Award in the Web Services category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

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