Managed Security Services

With ColocationGuard’s managed security services you can safeguard yourself against attacks, lessen recovery costs, as well as improve overall performance around the clock. And, if your system has to meet FSA, DPA, Basel, ISO 17799, HIPPA and/or GLA rules and regulations, ColocationGuard’s flexible managed security services are here to help!

Managed Firewall

For a firewall to effectively stand the test of time, it must undergo a myriad of updates and assessments along the way. And no one keeps up with their firewall management more than ColocationGuard. Through the employment of top-notch services such as Intrusion Prevention, Stateful Packet Inspection, real-time fingerprint threat detection and VPN services, you will always have to highest security at all times.

Managed anti-DDoS

These days, in order to thwart Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, a network must employ advanced filtering and progressive routing methods. Luckily, ColocationGuard isn’t only useful for safeguarding the layers of your network, we also diagnose and block the delivery mechanisms. This is increasingly essential as the frequency of DDoS attacks continue to rise.

Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Our technical experts work around the clock to serve our customers. This service extends into our Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS). These two services give our customers aggressive network surveillance and monitoring on a continual basis. Further, given our cutting-edge, patented algorithms and around the clock Security Operations Center, we can identify and stop all vulnerabilities and intrusions at their inception.