Managed Network Services

One of the chief advantages of the ColocationGuard Infrastructure is our managed network services. A primary reason for this advantage is the infrastructure’s user flexibility. This flexibility allows ColocationGuard’s highly-skilled engineers to cater to individual customer needs. In turn, this permits up-front offload and continuous upkeep while offering various payment plans and performance options that suit you best.

Private Network

Security is always a top priority in regards to IT infrastructure. Beause of this, ColocationGuard offers various packages featuring private networks to ensure heightened security. These features grant secure access to infrastructure solutions and servers through VPLS (virtual private LAN service) as well as VPRN (virtual private routed network). Further, ColocationGuard offers a virtual private network (VPN) that carries SSL-level encryption while using public infrastructures like the Internet. This private network renders the need to lease or own private lines obsolete while reducing operational costs.

Performance DNS services

DNS services are a must for top performance. With ColocationGuard, you can be assured your DNS needs are always met. In fact, ColocationGuard is so confident in its services that any disruption in DNS will results in a full-credit refund on your DNS monthly charges. Not enough? ColocationGuard Infrastructure goes as far as to promise that any customer that experiences an interruption exceeding a half an hour will attain credits for IP services.

Managed Router Services

The MRS, or Managed Router Service, provided by ColocationGuard features comprehensive router and IP transition solution. This service includes features like router management, monitoring, and installing. Further, with ColocationGuard as your infrastructure, you can continue to employ your own router (some minimum requirements apply) or utilize ColocationGuard’s Cisco-supplied router for your connection. And, as always, with ColocationGuard’s flexibility, you will have access to monitored circuit support and troubleshooting.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Few things are as crucial in today’s fast-paced market as delivering content quickly. ColocationGuard’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that you can rest at ease in this regard. Whatever you may be looking for, analytics, live streaming across device platforms, or whole-site delivery, ColocationGuard ensures your content is delivered on time while retaining its visual appeal. This is because ColocationGuard has already done the hard work for you by ensuring that file compatibility across all devices and formats is a reality. This, in turn, allows your content creators to disregard formatting issues and focus on what they do best; creating outstanding content!

Load Balancing Services

Utilizing Riverbed Stingray technology that features expanded Layer 7 capabilities ensures that ColocationGuard can provide high availability load balancing solutions. This, in turn, allows for an essentially endless amount of servers that can span as many pools as necessary.

Remote Hands Services

ColocationGuard’s engineers and on-site technicians work around the clock to meet our customer’s needs. The list of performed tasks include, but are not limited to, card replacements and routine exchange of backup tapes and removable media, circuit testing, equipment server reboots, and cable and card replacements.

Managed Installation Services

ColocationGuard’s engineers and on-site technicians are not just there for routine check ups. They are also available for the deployment of customer equipment in a safe, efficient manner. Further, ColocationGuard offers cross-connect services and provisions that are processed within predetermined intervals.

Patch Management

Even with private networks, security breaches are still a possibility. Because of this, ColocationGuard has employed a systematic patch discovery and deployment service. This service provides compliance and safeguards the customer from such security breaches in regards to application vulnerability.