Managed Services

If you have ever had a problem with employing a one-size-fits-all hosting environment, ColocationGuard has your solution. Our industry-leading managed services are as customer-centered as they come. Work alongside our design engineers to construct a tailor-made environment worthy of your performance, budget, and availability needs.
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Managed Servers

More often than not, the employees you hire determine whether you business growth stagnates or ascends to the next level. But, how can one be sure they’ve made the right hire? Deciding on the right mix of educational requirements, years of experience, energy level, and long-term fits can lead to a lot of swings and misses. Luckily, with ColocationGuard, you can rely on dependable Technical Support professionals. Discover how we can help.

Managed Security Services

ColocationGuard offers several forms of industry-leading security software. From Managed Firewall, and Anti-DDos to Managed Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS/IDS), come see all the ways we’ve got you covered! Discover how we can help.

Managed Storage Services

Boost your storage capacity while paying nothing in advanced. ColocationGuard’s cutting-edge solutions such as network attached storage (NAS),direct attached storage (DAS), and storage area network (SAN) systems can get you started without upfront costs. Discover how we can help.

Backup Services

Safeguard all of your data with our backup and server solutions.  ColocationGuard’s backup service, powered by EMC, backs up servers and CPU’s regardless of their operating system. Strategically positioned in various safeguarded locations, our data centers guarantee comprehensive backup of all of your data, no matter how extensive.Discover how we can help.

Managed Network Services

Access switches, ports, and high-bandwidth communication between servers. Discover how we can help.

Consulting Services

With ColocationGuard’s extensive knowledge regarding system design, analysis, and implementation, you can rest at ease that all facets of your network are running at peak performance. Our consulting services range from disaster recovery and cloud solutions to networking, firewall, load balancers, and more! Discover how we can help.

Additional Services

From IP to Colocation, and hosting, ColocationGuard offers an array of additional managed services. Contact us today and we can customize a package of services to suit your business needs!