Consulting Services

Boost your ability to initiate, support, and manage your IT environments, critical infrastructures, CPUs, servers, phone and email systems through ColocationGuard’s Services team!


  • Complete disaster recovery
  • Data backup for CPUs and servers
  • Engineer outsourcing
  • SLA selection to suit your needs
  • Industry-leading support for firewalls, load balancers, and networking
  • IT consulting
  • Application support
  • Access to world-class industry experience and business credentials

IT Support

With our IT professionals on hand, you can efficiently resolve any IT issue without breaking a sweat. From network, cloud, server, and CPU support, our IT professionals are ready to meet your needs, from basic support to in-depth maintenance.

Data Backup

ColocationGuard’s backup service, powered by EMC, backs up servers and CPU’s regardless of their operating system. Strategically positioned in various safeguarded locations, our data centers guarantee comprehensive backup of all of your data, no matter how extensive.

Disaster Recovery

With ColocationGuard on your side, you have a tailor-made disaster recovery solution to mitigate your data risks. We offer file level restores, snapshots, and complete or incremental backups. And with the option to employ ColocationGuard’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution (DRaaS) powered by Actifio, you will never have to fear data loss again.

Engineer Outsourcing

Bypass the headache of searching for a temporary team member and employ one of our knowledgeable ColocationGuard IT engineers. With up-to-date certifications and available for temporary or long-term work, our IT engineers are ready to assist you no matter your needs.


With ColocationGuard’s extensive knowledge regarding system design, analysis, and implementation, you can rest at ease that all facets of your network are running at peak performance. Our consulting services range from disaster recovery and cloud solutions to networking, firewall, load balancers, and more!