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"After months of searching for a hi-end colocation provider I stumbled across ColocationGuard’s facility. Their network, knowledgeable admins and 24x7x365 support really sold me. I’m tired of having to pay someone 100s of dollars in the middle of the night for a simple reboot, these things are just done out of courtesy from ColocationGuard. If you’re looking for a state of the art colo facility that can supply you with power, space, network and most of all EXCELLENT SUPPORT look no further."

Boris Kagan - Senior Product Manager, Superior Promos

"In all the years I’ve been colocating my servers I’ve never had such a positive experience as I’ve had with ColocationGuard. They are open every day of the year and 24 hours a day. There’s always someone there to answer my questions and make sure my requests get taken care of. If I need to speak to someone whether it be 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning there’s always someone to pick up the phone and get my issue resolved. Good going ColocationGuard! Strongly recommend to any one who’s in the market for enterprise colocation space but paying regular tier1 colo pricing."

Chris Gramling - CEO, Logicentric

"When I decided I wanted to switch colocation providers one of the biggest things for me was support and pricing of course. Considering I live half way across the US I need to make sure that I have a responsible team in place should anything happen to any of my equipment. To my amazement from broken drives, to broken raid cards ColocationGuard didn’t make me stay down and wait for a shipment to arrive to bring the machines back online. They offered me the same parts I needed to get back online without even having to order them and within a half hour was back up and running. This really is something that goes above and beyond a colocation provider not to mention I’m saving over 30% from what I was paying to my previous colocation company. ColocationGuard should be giving lessons to other colo centers as they have a lot to learn from such a great facility."

Larry Valentine - CEO, Real Information Inc

"For the last half a year I couldn’t wait to move out of my current host as it seemed that every little thing I needed done would be invoiced at the end of the month. From a simple reboot, to connecting an Ethernet cable would wind up costing me almost as much as my monthly rack fee. When searching for other providers I came across ColocationGuard where they stated most of this was done at no charge, well frankly I had to see it to believe it as most colo centers give you the same pitch just to get you into the facility. I’ve been with ColocationGuard three months so far and from the simplest to more complex tasks I’ve needed done there’s been no surprise charges at the end of the month on my bill. This is really a company that stands by its word and to be honest I couldn’t be happier I switched. I recommend ColocationGuard to some of my friends and colleagues and they are also glad they made the move."

Anisa Ali - CEO, evtv1.com

"I’ve been in the web hosting business since the beginning of the Internet, I have dealt with several Network Centers and nothing comes close to ColocationGuard’s top-notch support. When I sleep at nights, I know I’m in good hands and if a problem arises, they will work with you until it is solved. At ColocationGuard, as a customer you are not just an account number, they know you as a person. Thanks for the great support for the last 8 years."

Sam Kal - CEO, 123eHost.com

"We've found ColocationGuard to be professional, resourceful, and extremely helpful to our clients. We've been recommending ColocationGuard for server hosting to our clients for 2 years and have consistently received positive feedback."

Carrie Hartford Fedders - Sales Manager, USA at IPsmarx Technology

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