27 Questions About Our Colocation Facility (With Answers)

1. When Can I Physically Access My Server?

At any time. Our facility is open twenty four hours a day, even on holidays. Authorized clients always have access to the data center.

2. Do I have Remote Access To My Server?

Yes. All plans provide remote desktop access, with hands-on assistance from one of ColocationGuard’s engineers. We also offer remote access through KVM over IP.

3. How Can I Get In Touch With Somebody Who Can Help Me With Any Issues I Might Be Having?

Our support team is available at all hours of the day, and if you need to contact them, you have several options:

  • Call 1-888-368-8048.
  • Connect with a support professional through your control panel.
  • Email support@cologuard.com.
  • Log in to the website and open a live chat session with a support professional.
  • If you’re signed up for a fully-managed colocation plan, you’ll be given a phone number and email that put you directly in touch with a dedicated technical account manager. Contact them for the majority of help requests.  

4. Does your staff have physical access to my machine and are they qualified to fix any issues I might be dealing with?

They do, and they are. All ColocationGuard engineers are fully-certified and equipped to deal with any and all problems our clients encounter, whether they’re hardware, network, or software related.

5. At what hours of the day are you able to physically access my machine and fix any issues?

Our fully-certified engineers are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. No matter when you call, we’ll have someone available to fix your machine, even if physical access is required to do so.

6. Do you have spare parts available in case something goes wrong with my server?

ColocationGuard keeps a wide selection of hardware on-hand in the event of hardware failure. On the rare occasion that we don’t have a more obscure part in stock, we will special order it from a nearby vendor immediately.

7. What do you charge for basic server maintenance such as reboots, remote access, or hardware replacement?

All basic maintenance is done free of charge, and remote access is available to all clients at no additional cost. We charge a nominal fee for hardware replacement, to cover the cost of the parts. The cost of labor is not applied to this fee.

8. What do you charge for cross-connects?

Nothing. Cross-connects are entirely free thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, which are located minutes from Wall Street in one of the United States’ densest interconnection hubs.

9. Can I access the last and next few months of scheduled maintenance on routers, switches, and infrastructure?

Yes. You can contact a support professional for information on scheduled maintenance.

10. Can you manage a firewall for me? If so, how quickly can you update the firewall if something needs to be changed?

We can. Firewall management is just one of the many services included in our managed hosting packages.  Updates required by clients are carried out immediately.

11. Do you allow auto-negotiation of connection speeds?

We do, and all connections within our network are auto-negotiated by default.

12. Can I take a physical tour of your data center before I colocate there?

You can! Contact our sales department to set one up.

13. Is access to machines controlled in order to ensure security for my equipment?

Yes. Our facility is regulated through stringent access protocols. No unauthorized individual will ever have access to your equipment.

14. How do you ensure that all of my equipment is adequately cooled?

Our data center is equipped with 8 massive 30 Ton Emerson ( Liebert) HVAC units that ensure the entire facility operates at an optimal temperature. In addition, all racks and cages are laid out so as to ensure optimal airflow through the data center. As with all other components in our data center, our air conditioners are fully redundant and equipped with backup power, protecting them in the event of hardware failure or a power outage.

15. How do you ensure I always have adequate electrical power?

Our data center draws uninterruptible power from two independent power grids. Onsite, we have our own power substation backed by three diesel generators with a full week of reserve fuel and three high-priority local refuelling contracts. We also make use of redundant intelligent Liebert UPS AC backup systems; all equipment is built with N+2 redundancy to safeguard against power failure.

16. How do you ensure that I always have network access?

Through a combination of multi-homing and industry-leading Cisco hardware. Our network is built to utilize the Border Gateway Protocol to connect to multiple providers, ensuring not only reliability but also speed. In addition, our network hardware is fully redundant, and backed by the same systems that power the rest of our facility.

17. Do you have an SLA for network uptime?

We have a 100% SLA, which you can find here.

18. Does your SLA also cover power uptime and power redundancy?

The SLA covers your critical infrastructure systems, which include power, HVAC, uninterruptible power supply, power distribution unit, and cabling.

19. Do you have office space available for us to sit and work for a few hours if we need to be in the data center for server maintenance?

Yes. ColocationGuard’s facility features several fully-stocked offices and conference rooms for your administrators and employees to use as required. We also offer WiFi to keep you online while you’re on-site.

20. Are your prices negotiable?

Always. We make a point to do whatever is required to ensure our clients’ needs are met, and that includes offering hosting plans tailored to each clients individual specifications. Contact sales for a custom quote.

21. Do you have waterless fire suppression?

Yes. Our facility is protected by an NFPA double-interlock dry-pipe pre-action fire prevention system, equipped with low-level heat and smoke detection.

22. What are your security measures?

We keep our clients’ data safe through a multi-stage security system which includes archived color CCTV monitoring, biometric scanners, and passcard-protected mantraps. These amenities are manned 24/7 by uniformed security personnel who control access to the building based on strict access protocols. We also make use of spam and DDOS protection and firewalls to keep your data safe from digital attack.

23. Are you SSAE 16 certified?

Yes. Our data center is SSAE 16 Type-I certified. We undergo annual third-party audits to ensure this certification does not become obsolete.

24. Are you HIPAA certified?

We are. As a matter of fact, we’re the New York metropolitan area’s leading provider of medical colocation services. We currently support three major medical centers and several smaller healthcare providers.

25. What tier-level is your data center?

According to the standards set by the Telecommunications Industry Association, our data center is Tier 4.

26. Are you connected directly to tier-1 carriers (the internet backbone)?

Yes. Our network is built with connections to a selection of hand-picked Tier 1 providers, including Level 3, Cogent, Inteliquent, Lightpath, Lightower, Sidera, and gtt.  

27. Which carriers do you offer?

We offer direct connections to the following premium carriers:

  • AboveNet
  • Optical Communications Group
  • Optimum Lightpath
  • Verizon
  • Inteliquent
  • Level3
  • Lightower
  • XO Communications
  • Sidera
  • AT&T
  • GTT
  • Time Warner
  • Atlantic Metro
  • Cogent

Do note, however, that our facility is carrier-neutral. You can connect to whichever carriers best suit your needs.