Channel Partners

Partner up with ColocationGuard and grow your business the smart way!

ColocationGuard offers innovative solutions that bolster cloud performance through interconnection, colocation, and data center services. With a flexible environment, ColocationGuard ensures a customer-centered experience that is specifically designed to cater to your needs. Further, with our 2 data centers strategically planted in New York City, we’re primed to strengthen your team today!

By joining with ColocationGuard, you immediately employ the services of our world-class marketing leaders who are eager to work alongside you to strengthen your service portfolio. We implement a channel-friendly partnership model that fosters an environment of growth and prosperity for all parties involved. But that’s not where it stops. ColocationGuard is a global accumulation of enterprises, cloud service providers, carriers, and much, much more.

Take a look at our two featured partnership programs:

1. ColocationGuard Agent Partnership Program

Extend your reach with ColocationGuard Agent Partnership Program and employ an industry-leading data center alongside colocation and interconnection providers! Available throughout our 2 cloud connection centers, this platform outsources your client’s solutions in order to meet their business needs.

ColocationGuard Agent Partner Program is available for Master and Sub-Agents, Remarketers, System Integrators, and VARs.

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2. ColocationGuard Lead Referral Program

The ColocationGuard Lead Referral Program is crafted for both agents and data center real estate brokers seeking to delegate all sales and account management responsibilities to ColocationGuard. This rare blend of solutions enhances your sales capacity across any service portfolio.

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ColocationGuard Partner Program Advantages:

Through the employment of ColocationGuard’s industry-leading carrier-neutral colocation facilities, you can effectively differentiate your service portfolio.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Strengthen your client’s business performance and ROI through eradicating needless local access costs.

Standout From The Crowd

Through the implementation of industry-leading interconnection and colocation solutions, you can establish a competitive differentiation for your business. Let the ColocationGuard team help increase time-to-market for your clients and boost your bottom line.

Boost Your Earnings

Create additional cash flow while fostering new business relationships with our cloud connection center’s interconnection capabilities.

Expand Your Horizons

Access new markets featuring a vast array of clients and opportunities with our 2 ColocationGuard markets and X cloud connection centers.

Strengthen Your Team

Our “Best in Class” program of colocation specialists features national Channel Partner Ambassadors eager to meet you and your client’s needs!